Angels With Vertigo

Fly in the Water

Forget Me

Desiccation of the World of Sense

(with words from TS Elliot)

Duo: Sarah Wallcook | classical improvised voice : Jilly Jarman | jazz improvised piano

We have been meeting up to improvise, compose and chat since 2012.

“Exploring where our musical practices meet – we are interested in keeping the edges defined. But also its fun.”

We are both classically trained but Jilly moved away during uni through new wave to world and jazz music and into improvisation.

Sarah took her classical training through college and into teaching and performing, while developing a range of vocal techniques for approaching different musical genres.

It is really exciting to work together – we challenge each other’s habits and limitations.

We have also used looping and pre-recording as ways to increase the colours and textures open to us in live performances with varying degrees of success.