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Riversong – a Cantata for Schools by Kate Stilitz and Jilly Jarman
published by Golden Apple, Chester Music Limited. Teachers Book GA11110
‘Riversong is an exciting musical, ideal for upper KS2 and lower KS3 children, describing the journey of a river in song, chant, poetry and percussion.’ website


A popular site amongst teachers and community music leaders offering free, non-copyright vocal music for community and educational settings. Created by Jilly for the Vocal Union programme at the Sage Gateshead 2010 and now managed for BlueJam Arts.

The site is organised by alphabet into traditional songs and new compositions.

New compositions are donated by musicians and vocal leaders with a “We Wrote This!” section from young composers.

Get in touch with Jilly if you have music to share.

Free Downloads

Jilly has written over 100 songs and pieces which are performed by schools and choirs across the UK. Feel free to use and adapt – please let Jilly know through this site as it is inspiring to hear what people are doing musically.

Popular choices:
(Spanish words by Pilar Marchori)


Spanish piece with optional piano/guitar/accordion accompaniment. English and Spanish words. Good with movements, dance steps and counting games.

Version arranged for Sage Gateshead Big Sing, sung by Beccy Owen 2013

The Living Is Easy

Acapella for backing weave and vocal tune. Great to improvise over.