Here is a small selection of improvisations I have made either solo or with fantastic collaborators. You can find more pieces on my Bandcamp page.

Geoff Bartholomew – trumpet: Jilly Jarman – keyboard/sounds
An improvisation by Julia Farrington – flute and Jilly Jarman – piano to Sarah Reid’s painting of Allonby Beach, during lockdown 2021
In a cave in Cumbria, Dave, Sian, John, Bex, Katherine & myself – jamming on this tune of mine.
Geoff Bartholomew – trumpet: Asha Nicholson – voice: Jilly Jarman – keyboards, sounds
Jilly Jarman – piano; Sarah Wallcook – voice I love improvising as a way of introducing and playing with new ideas, in performance and in workshops as an inclusive and engaging method of making music together.
Jilly Jarman – piano
5 Voices – ad hoc group of singers in my bedroom, London about 1996 – Kate Stilitz, Dike Okoh, Lizzie Bacon, Sue Jarvis, myself
Jilly Jarman – organ; Geoff Bartholomew – trumpet. Improvisation for Freiraum project at Methodist Chapel, Carlisle 2020
Improvisation with Sarah Wallcook 2013

UPENDING – performance

Upending1 – improvised and layered music for Tim Rubidge dancer at Dance City, Newcastle

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