"If in doubt, improvise!"

Jazz & Improv Choirs

Through BlueJam since 2009 I have been running a programme of Improv Choirs with regular sessions in Cumbria and London and occasional sessions elsewhere. Jazz-based but open to singers of any genre they mix songs, grooves and instant composing, with opportunities for group and individual soloing.

I can never predict who will like doing it and who will not – singers from disciplined, performance-based choirs can love it, while some community choir singers don’t!

Generally, the bit at the end of every session where we turn out the lights and do a free improvisation is what grabs people’s imaginations and brings them back week after week.

It is worth travelling to be able to work with a wide variety of groups and singers: Eskdalemuir Community Hub: ” I have been asked if you would consider coming up once a month on say a 6 week block at a time? Everyone I speak to raves about your workshops and hope you would consider a monthly class going forward.”