Original jazz tunes

These are tunes I have written and performed with various jazz combinations from 1994 onwards. Anyone who wants to perform them – feel free. If you would like Sibelius scores so you can make parts, email me. Just a small selection here – lots more if you are interested.

Done It: jazz waltz: 2 voice or horns 

Accept: 3 voices or horns: anthemic:

Bubbles: 2 voices or horns; in 3/4 and 5/4:

Jasmine: 2 voices opt horn; swung shuffle or freely:

excerpt with vocalist Sarah Wallcook


Arrangements of standards

Feeling Good: swung 3;

II V groove with key shift and new outro section. solo voice with vocal harmony parts

Willow: hanging intro; slow blues verses; fast swung 3 bridge.
2 voices & combo

Love Me Or Leave Me: jazz waltz:

Verse: Cm^7 x 4: Eb x 2: Cm^7 x 4  Chorus: C7

Jilly Jarman – piano, Gail Bashall – vocal


Acapella pieces

Rapture: piece made of interlocking vocal grooves. Overhanging tune by Dike Okoh.

All parts sung by Dike Okoh

Da do deh di: round on 5 5 6 groove, gradually dismantled.

Sung by Dave, Sian, Bex, Katherine, Jilly, Jon