Bleep2: Jilly, Mark, Josh

BlueJam Arts has a series of Electronic/Improvised gigs we are putting on at our small Arts Space in Penrith, Cumbria. Short slots are filled by local artists, supporting the main acts. Really good to get a chance to play with Mark Pinto after a gap of about 25 years as well as with BlueJam team member Josh Jackson. Here I play around with a twist on Cassandra Wilson’s amazing song Sankofa, in 5/4 and extended. Listen to the original!

reason Friday

I mangled a recording of Geoff playing my Reason tune with some sounds and put it to a collage of an outdoor cafe spot and one of my paintings on the go – quite like it

EVAN Art Trail

7th-20th Sept 2-6pm daily.

Paintings by Alice Burford; Jilly Jarman; Bryony Jarman-Pinto

Audio-visual installation: Jilly Jarman

Gamelan Bubble sessions (see

BlueJam Arts Space, Friargate, Penrith CA11 7XR. Ring the BlueJam doorbell at the big red door and I’ll let you in, explain COVID safety procedures and show you around! If you want to let me know in advance that you are coming, email

20 aug

first day of sabbatical really starting – still got lots of bluejam stuff to sort out but not putting it off any longer.

had great day teaching then a jam with geoff and asha: