Penrith Children’s Orchestra, Big Sings at the Big Screen and Young Songwriters are all now based at Penrith Music Centre and going strong

Jazz & Improv Programme

Jazz workshops in Penrith, collaboration with NYJC
Improv Choirs in Penrith, Brampton, Eskdalemuir and NE

Samba & Street Theatre

B Jamba samba, horns, puppets, lanterns, dragons


Songwriting, arranging and composition is at the heart of what we do. We use improvisation from BabyJam upwords, studio composition, band and solo recording, arranging for choirs and orchestras.

BlueJam Arts

Innovative & inclusive music and arts. Based in Penrith we work UK wide and collaborate with other arts and community groups to provide responsive and creative projects for young people and inter-generational groups.


I founded BlueJam Cumbria in 2002, working with Ann Clayton and Mike Woodward (hence the JAM). Since then we have worked with thousands of young and adult musicians from aspiring newcomers to recorded and published professional artists and teachers.

In 2015 we have a fantastic team of musicians and programme developers, young music leaders and new collaborators.

All the best to everyone for 2016 and beyond.

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